Welcome to The Humbled Housewife!

Welcome to my blog, The Humbled Housewife!

I’m so glad you’ve stopped by! I wanted to take this time to introduce myself, and tell you what this blog is all about!

My name is Brittney Hughey, and I am a happy little homemaker.

Some groan at the idea of “Housewife”, I however, embrace it! I take pleasure in creating a nice home environment for my hubby, and serving my Lord where He has placed me. My home is my mission field! Cleaning, Cooking, and Caring for my husband are my daily duties, and it makes me very happy to do so!

My hope for this blog, is to encourage and inspire young women to grow in their faith, and as virtuous wives! To enjoy and practice Proverbs 31 homemaking, and to create a supportive community with other young married housewives!

The name of this blog, The Humbled Housewife, is inspired by Psalms 25:9 “He leads the humble in what is right, and teaches the humble his way.”

Whether your married, or looking forward to that wonderful day, I hope you enjoy this blog!


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